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⛔ You cannot reveal basic tribe locations in Global or Discord chat, however you can share this information privately.

⛔ You must have a legitimate character name. You cannot call your character « Human », « Survivor », « Player », « 123 », « 321 », « OneTwoThree », « □oquer → » or something similar.

⛔ No identity theft of OverWorld staff members.


⛔ Do not imprison or cage players offline.

⛔ You are expected to have the same tribe members and the same tribe name in all clusters, multi-accounts or account sharing to increase hours online are strictly prohibited.

⛔ It is totally forbidden to enter and leave a tribe and take valuables without the consent of the tribal chief even if you believe that you have them personally. Whoever is the tribal chief has full ownership and can do whatever he wants with the tribe and its list. It is your responsibility to ensure that you are a member of a trusted tribe, and if you wish to leave a tribe and take items with you, you must first disclose it to your tribe leader.

⛔ No intensive mesh striking or biting through walls or surfaces in order to destroy objects on the other side illegitimately.

⛔ Tribes are not allowed to team up in PvP. This includes such things as: Raids against one or more tribes (12 against 6, etc.), defending one tribe against attacks from another tribe to provide mutual defenses.

⛔ You are allowed to make third party PVP engagements and raids as long as you actively engage against all equally involved tribes and your tribe journal proves it.

⛔ All structures left in prohibited areas in the world will be deleted by an administrator without warning.

⛔ Kill Tp kill with pods or dinos in aggressive only is not allowed on Genesis!

⛔ All structures that you place must be visible and be able to be damaged by a legitimate method.

⛔ Turrets can be built around the world during raids, PvPing, PvEing or when teleporting to boss arenas via terminals. But must be removed immediately after leaving the region and not left in the world.

Do not block access to, or build on, the following points of interest, unless PvP is active:

– Surface entry (aberration)
– Appearance of artifacts and caves
– Map of spawn points
– Wyvern spot
– Mesh spot of course
– Genesis of the moon caves

⛔ The snipping tower with refrigerators, forge and others is not allowed! You must be visible and accessible.

⛔ The mesh is prohibited! ARK Rules of Conduct